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Moving to pastures new with Merens horses

1050€/personne *

*130€/day per person. Special rates for groups. Twice a year: Oct/Nov - Apr/May

Departement: Pyrénées-Orientales LevelRiders must be able to walk, trot and canter Duration8 days SupervisionEquestrian tour guide

This isn’t just an ordinary riding holiday. Taking part in the “Transhumance” of Mérens horses (moving them onto new pastures) means taking part in the life of the herd. You will be accompanying it, rounding up the horses and even beginning to train the foals. Indeed, in the summer, Nathalie’s herd, which may consist of 30 to 50 horses, goes to the summer pastures of Porté-Puymorens. In the autumn they leave this mountain and head for the plains and prairies and then go back up to Porté-Puymorens in the spring. In 4 days you will go through the Regional Natural Park and discover the diversity of these landscapes. You will set off to meet its inhabitants who will welcome you throughout your stay.


This outing has a special « Welcome to the regional natural Park of the Catalonian Pyrenees » mention. In an area of exceptional heritage and environmental wealth which has earned it the classification of a Park, the professionals of tourism will share with you their love of the land and its wildlife with a truly warm welcome.

On request

Nathalie will make available: The horse and its equipment, all meals based on Park-labelled products or locally produced.

What you need: Riding gear, mountain boots, drinking bottle, knife, rainwear, warm clothing, full-length chaps and headlamp.

Average and confirmed riders in good physical condition, with a certain capacity for endurance. The departure is from Porté-Puymorens at 1600m of altitude, with some parts of the ride through mountain passes as high as 2500 to 2800m of altitude.

Mérens – a Pyrenean breed still threatened by extinction. They are very sure-footed in the mountains.