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Horse Evasion

115 Voie communale n°9

Haras du Grès

34160 CASTRIES – Hérault


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A trek in the countryside around Lunel, combining rides through the garrigue, vineyards, olive groves and plains with the Pic St Loup in the background

From 80 €/person*

*mocation horse and accompanying

Departement: Hérault LevelRiders must be able to walk, trot and canter Duration1 day SupervisionEquestrian Tour Guide

Setting out from Castries and the Haras du Grès, we’ll be going through the Fontmagne Estate whose owner, the Baron Durand de Fontmagne, is a cousin of the King of France. The Château de Castries used to belong to his family.

Next, we’ll go through the Manade Vitou and follow the old railway track that goes from Sommières to the village of Saint Génies des Mourgues; and from Pierredon as far as a place called « Missargues cross» in the pinewoods.

After that we’ll cross the Gour du Sau plain before heading towards Saint-Christol after crossing the Dardaillon.  We will be very close to the old Roman way known as the Via Domitia.

In the vineyards and olive groves of the Bruyère plains; once a mediaeval property belonging to the Order of the Knights Templars established in Saint-Christol, we’ll go past the de Pioch Benezet on its south side before riding back up towards St- Christol by the Manade Salvini.

At Fontguinère (named after its spring) we will ride to Vérargues and the Château du Pouget, where we’ll stop to have a nice glass of muscat wine and a snack.

After the break we can either take a nap or have a look round the old templar’s farm (the oldest part of the château) where so many famous people have gathered, and then we’ll head back via the Mas Neuf, a wonderful old ruin (!) and cross the Rivierette in Lou Moulens plain.

At La Bruyère, we’ll ride back towards the Dardaillon, which we’ll cross as we did on the way out, to get to Nissargues. Here we’ll have a great view of the Tour de Fages, an important stopping place on Courbet’s route, (a famous painter from the school of realism, some of whose works can be found in the Musée Fabre in Montpellier including a famous painting called “The creation of the world”). This place is also famous for Muscat de Lunel wines.

After that we’ll head back towards Missargues Cross before going past the old gardens of Saint Génies which once belonged to the rich chateau-owners.

We’ll wend our way back home via Fonts Rouges following the old railway track, and go through Pierredon in the Manade Vitou and past Saint Léonard’s Hermitage whose Roman chapel and altarpiece are local curiosities. Then it’s back to the stud-farm through the Fontmagne Estate.

On request

Riding wear, hard hat and jodhpur boots recommended. Chaps or boots available if required (* subject to your size)

From 10 years upwards- must be able to walk, trot and canter and be in good physical condition

Lusitano horses and cross-breds (suitable for trekking and all levels).
Our horses are quiet and willing, so that you can make the most of our treks in complete safety.


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