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Chevaux de la Tramontane

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66210 LA LLAGONNE – Pyrénées-Orientales



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A ride through the Catalonian Pyrenees Natural Regional Park

From to 16€/1hour; 30€/2hours, 40€/3hours, 71€/1 day; price per person*

*Packed lunch not included. The centre remains open all year round, even in the winter, thanks to horseshoes specially adapted to snow and ice.

Departement: Pyrénées-Orientales LevelRiders of all levels DurationFrom 1hour to 1 day SupervisionEquestrian tour guide

From one hour to a whole day, come and explore the landscapes of the East Pyrenees in the heart of the Catalonian Pyrenees Natural Regional Park: hot springs, mountain lakes, the Capcir circuit, panoramic peaks,… the possibilities are endless depending on your desires. The bridleway routes chosen make full use of the diversity of landscapes. Indeed, La Llagonne is located at the crossroads of four diverging valleys crowned with mountain peaks of up to 3000 m above sea level: The Cerdagne, the Haut-Conflent, the Capcir and the Garrotxes.
Their orientations, their high altitudes and extremely varied relief create very different climates and, whatever the weather, we can often ride into a milder area. The routes may take us up to the crests of the mountains, to the high lakes, sloping pastures, forests or down into the valley. They follow old cart-tracks lined with old stone walls or grassy trails punctuated by the tracks of wild animals.

On request

You can book up with Claire by specifying your level of horsemanship and the length of your stay. You can even choose the time if nobody else has enrolled.
You must arrive 15 minutes before the ride so that you’ve got time to mount up and adjust the length of your stirrups. There are signposts marked “balades équestres” (horseriding) and “Chevaux de la Tramontane” from the village as far as the stables.

Riding hats are available free of charge for youngsters and all those who need them.
We can offer you special saddles with two seats if you want to ride with your 2 to 5 year-old children.

If you wish you stay the night nearby, we can give you the names, addresses and phone numbers of several possibilities for accommodation: campsites, inns, hotels and guest houses.

All age groups. Children aged 2 to 5 years old can ride in the special double saddles.

Rides are organised according to level:
– Beginners for those who have never ridden or hardly at all.
– Intermediate for those who just want to walk and trot.
– Experienced for those who want to walk, trot and canter (depending on the terrain).

Our horses are crosses between mares with plenty of experience in mountain trekking and pure bred Arabian stallions. Their main characteristics are surefootedness, kindness and energy.

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