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A trek on horseback around the Pic de Bugarach

From just 480€ per person in a dormitory, 540€ in a guest house for 2 people*

*Accommodation included (excluding guided tours and drinks outside meal-times)

Departement: Aude LevelRiders must be able to walk, trot and canter Duration3 days 3 nights SupervisionA qualified Equestrian Tour Guide who can speak French and English

The Pic de Bugarach became famous due to the interpretation of the Mayan calendar (21 Decembre 2012, The end of the World), but above all it is the highest point in the region overlooking the village of Bugarach from the top of its 1230m. It’s also a geological mystery, known as the “inverted mountain” but more than anything else it will give you the chance, in three days of trekking, to go right round it via ever-changing landscapes, from the gigantic fir-trees of the Forest of Fanges, the vineyards of the Fenouillèdes valley, the abandoned hamlets of the Plateau de Malabrac and the source de of the salted river Sals.

On request

Accommodation : In a dormitory or guest house for 2 people

Food : Picnic transported in the saddle-bags for midday, evening meal in a gite.

Details : All luggage by car.

You will be picked up from Granès at 4 p.m. or at Espéraza station (free transport) the night before. Possibility of transport from Carcassonne station or airport for an extra fee.

Must be able to walk, trot and canter, minimum age 12 years old

Our horses live together all year round. Most of them are Arabian or Spanish crossbreds, and they’re real professionals at trekking

Suitable leather saddlery (JMS saddlery) with saddle-bags