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Les équipages du Jougnier

Hameau de Flacheraud

34330 FRAISSE SUR AGOUT – Hérault

PARDIGON Nadia et MARROT François

+336 74 57 36 33 (François)

+336 52 32 85 18 (Nadia)

+334 67 97 57 48 (après 20h)

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All about animal traction in the Hérault

From 1220€ for 4 people, that’s to say 61€/day/person**

** All inclusive for 4 people: Accommodation at the refuge, food and activities

Departement: Hérault Duration5 days, 4 nights SupervisionEquestrian Tour Guide. Professional Equestrian Tour Guide and driver. For the rest: in complete freedom with the donkeys and goats after a short introduction to animal traction.

This is a multi-activity holiday to teach you a fun, original approach to the use of animals on the farm (harnessed, packed for hiking, animal traction…..), and to learn how to make your own bread and cheese in a natural way, just like they used to make it. In the evening, some hand-crafted traditional games from the Lauragais will be available to you. These are beautiful, unique games which are highly appreciated.
Once you’re settled at the refuge, we will make your holiday bread together (kneading, shaping, cooking and managing the old bread oven….).
With Romane, we will set off on a one-day “marathon”. You’ll be out for a whole day with the packing-donkeys and follow a pre-arranged circuit after following our instructions….
And we’ll also spend a day with the goats, from milking them, cheese-making, taking the goats out to their field and having a nice walk with a goat who will very kindly carry our packed lunch…and if you’ve got time you can always have a look round the area…where you can make the most of the place and its environment!

On request

Accommodation: At Le refuge du Jougnier

Food : All natural and/or organic local produce.

All age groups

Horses, mules, donkeys and goats living in pens around the refuge. The farm «Les Equipages du Jougnier» is also a training centre for animal traction and famous for the «Jardins de l’Arn» (vegetable gardens ploughed and tended to by donkeys, goats and horses).